Bringing you the worst cities in the World!!

The world is very, very, very big. There are some wonderful places on its surface. Fabulous sun-kissed beaches with miles of golden sands. Wonderful mountains with crystal steams cascading down into tropical paradises. There are also some horrendous cities populated by a subculture of thugs and gangsters. Sadly this website is about the latter locations. Here you will discover some of the most vile and violent places to live. So read on and be prepared to be shocked.        WORST CITY



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So you think you live in a bad area?

Think again!!!

The Eighty Worst Cities to Live In.


Crime, traffic, drugs, too much construction, too many tourists – we all have something that annoys us about the place we live. But cheer up, it could be worse – a lot worse.

You could live in one of these places like Dzerzinsk, Russia, home to the former Soviet Union’s Chemical Weapons manufacturing operations, where if you can even find anything alive, three- headed frogs or worse, are not an uncommon sight. Or Rotorua, New Zealand the self-proclaimed most noxious city on the planet, where the smell of rotten eggs is strong enough to choke a horse at 100 yards, thanks to the volcanic sulphur springs that dominate the landscape.

So count yourself lucky if you don't live in any of the following (in no particular order) 80 Worst Cities in the World, and if you do live in one of them – too bad. (Maybe it's time to move!!)

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The Eighty Worst Cities to Live In : Click on a city for more information and pictures.
Abidjan Ivory Coast worst city slum living
Algiers Algeria kids living in poverty pretty teens poor cities
Athens Greece sexy-little-dancing-girl-in-red-hot-shorts-bikini-pants
Atlantic City NJ ultra-fat-women-city-centre-shopping
Baghdad Iraq iraq-war-pictures-attack-planes-destroy-buildings
Bangui Central African Republic
Bangkok Thailand
Barcelona Spain cute-little-blind-child-smiles-for-camera-teeth-lips-nose
Basingstoke, England
Beirut, Lebanon
Berlin Germany
Beziers, France
Bogotá, Columbia
Brazov, Romania
Brazzaville Congo
Bucharest Romania
Buffalo NY
Butrint, Albania
Calcutta, India
Camden N.J.
Chernobyl Ukraine
Chonchon North Korea
Cleveland Ohio
Clonmel Ireland
Compton CA gangsters-moll-jeans-tight-t-shirts-criminal-girls-hot-sweaters
Damascus Syria
Detroit Michigan
Douala Cameroon
Dzerzinsk Russia
Elbasan Albania
Fairbanks AL

Faisalabad, Pakistan

Ferguslie Park Scotland
Fresno, CA
Gary Indiana
Grozny Chechnya
Haina Dominican Republic
Hanford Washington
Hull England students-non-nude-cheerleader-pictures-ultra-short-skirts-reb-dress

Invercargill New Zealand

Jacmel, Haiti
Juba, Sudan

Kabwe Zambia

black and white twins young white girl african albino child playing
Kampala, Uganda japanese schoo girls ultra short skirts white blouse anime pictures sailor moon
Kathmandu, Nepal
Lagos Nigeria
La Oroya Peru

La Paz, Bolivia

Laredo TX
Linfen China
Los Angeles California
Luanda Angola Land-mines-kids-playing-little-nude-children-danger-from-landmines-war
Mailuu-Suu Kyrgyzstan
Merthyr Tydfil Wales
Mexico City Mexico
Milwaukee Wisconsin

Nairobi Kenya

New Orleans LA

Norilsk Russia

Nottingham England

Panaji, Goa, India

Paris France

Peshawar, Pakistan

Philadelphia PA

Port Moresby Papua New Guinea

Port McNeil Canada shortest skirt in world student

Ranipet India

starving kids

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

fat girls in bikinis

Roswell New Mexico

Rotura New Zealand

San Salvador El Salvador

Seattle Washington

Stockport, England

Tehran, Iran

Tirana, Albania

Toledo Ohio
Tuzla Bosnia

Ulaan-Baatar Mongolia

Verona, Italy
York, England

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Important Note: This site is for 'entertainment' only - do not take the contents too seriously (APART FROM THE CHARITY SECTIONS - AND THE HORRENDOUS FACTS & STATISTICS ON POVERTY ) - it is not our intention to offend and we hope that you read the comments on the cities with humour in your heart. On a serious note, we have highlighted the squalid conditions in which many people have to live - this is something that we all need to try to change. You can make a difference by donating a small amount to Hope for Children or one other other featured charities. By doing so you will help make the world a better place. Much of the content of this site has been written by contributors. If you find any errors please contact the webmaster.

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