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The world is very, very, very big. There are some wonderful places on its surface. Fabulous sun-kissed beaches with miles of golden sands. Wonderful mountains with crystal steams cascading down into tropical paradises. There are also some horrendous cities populated by a subculture of thugs and gangsters. Sadly this website is about the latter locations. Here you will discover some of the most vile and violent places to live. So read on and be prepared to be shocked.        WORST CITY



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WORST CITY - Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Population: 248,794

Worst Feature: Gang Rapes

Best Feature: Tropical Weather


Nothing is so rank as when a city that is generally considered as one of the world’s worst, is also a Capital of a country.

Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guiana by all accounts is one of the hardest places to live, certainly with the possible exception of Baghdad it is the most dangerous capital city on the planet.

There is basically no rule of law as roving gangs run the city. Rape, murder, and armed robbery are everyday occurrences.

Car junking by thugs wielding machetes are common, and visitors are advised not to venture out on the streets after dark, and its probably a good idea to stay indoors even during the day.

The homes of the few well off in Port Moresby are virtual fortresses. The gangs known as “Raskols” say the are forced to do what they do by the poverty and oppression by the police, said one gang member, “"We don't always mean to kill people, we just tryto scare them and, if they get killed in the process, they're just getting what they deserve." Nice guys.


Kids playing amongst the rubbish - Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Dangerous Raskols Gang of Papua New Guiana - planning their next bank job.

Help the Children of Papua New Guinea with Child Fund

Why children in Papua New Guinea need your help
Papua New Guinea has a very young population, with considerable problems affecting children and families. High unemployment, poor infrastructure and the sheer inaccessibility of many parts of the country make progress incredibly difficult.

Around 80 per cent of Papua New Guinea's people live in rural areas with few or no facilities, and there are around 700 native languages spoken, making the communication of health advice a huge task.

Health, sanitation and nutrition are major issues impacting children in Papua New Guinea, as well as the alarmingly high HIV/AIDS infection rate, with diagnoses increasing by around 30 per cent annually since 1997, and an estimated 60,000 Papua New Guineans living with the disease in 2005. High levels of violence against women, erratic condom use and a lack of access to prevention education are cited as the major causes of the growing epidemic.

Children are also at great risk from malaria, with infection rates similar to those experienced in many African countries.

Child Fund

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