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The world is very, very, very big. There are some wonderful places on its surface. Fabulous sun-kissed beaches with miles of golden sands. Wonderful mountains with crystal steams cascading down into tropical paradises. There are also some horrendous cities populated by a subculture of thugs and gangsters. Sadly this website is about the latter locations. Here you will discover some of the most vile and violent places to live. So read on and be prepared to be shocked.        WORST CITY



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WORST CITY - San Salvador, El Salvador

San Salvador, El Salvador

Population: 2 million

Worst Feature: Crime and Violence

Best Feature: Tourism is a growing business in El Salvador, and if you go to visit there are not may other tourists, and the beautiful landscape distracts you from the distraction of gang violence and murders.

Another on our hit parade of violent and corrupt places, San Salvador is a terribly degenerate and dangerous place.

The streets are filthy and garbage ridden. Traffic is a mess, and more people die, yes die, on their public transportation system annually then anywhere else in the world.

Road rage is a national past time and with most of the population armed, traffic caused gun battles are not uncommon. Then again the same can be said for Miami.



A bit more than a village . . .

San Salvador, El Salvador - so rough that the girls need to take guns on a night out.
Sponsor a Child in El Salvador with SOS Children

El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated state on the mainland of the Americas, and the most industrialized in Central America. However, poverty, civil war, natural disasters and their consequent dislocations define much of contemporary El Salvador, which is among the most violent and crime-ridden countries in the Americas.

Hospitals and health facilities are not enough to meet demand and are lacking in the basic medicines, equipment and trained staff that they require. In rural areas up to 90 per cent of people do not have access to clean drinking water and 70 per cent to any form of sanitation. Severe malnutrition is also common. Despite the provision of free education, 20 per cent of the population is illiterate. The few schools available are poorly equipped. Many children cannot attend school because it is too far away, or because they are needed by their parents to help with farm work in order to maintain the family income

The charity began working in El Salvador in 1972. Today there are four SOS Children's Villages with ancillary social welfare and medical facilities providing support and care for the wider community.

The charity built its first community in the small town of Sonsonate, about 60 km west of El Salvador. It is now used exclusively as a community where SOS youngsters can take their first guided steps towards independence whilst completing their education or vocational training, whilst in 1990 a new SOS Children's community was built just outside Sonsonate. The SOS Children Sonsonate has twelve family houses, a kindergarten for both the SOS and local children and an SOS Social Centre which provides day care for local children and medical care and dentistry. Children from the village attend local schools in nearby Sonzacate.

SOS Children Santa Tecla opened in 1982 in the city of Santa Tecla, about 25 km west of El Salvador. Built on a former coffee plantation, it has twelve family houses, a youth house for the older children and a kindergarten, as well as fruit and vegetable gardens supplying the village's needs. Around 150 children and teenagers live in the village, attending the local schools.

The charity built a community in 1985 on the outskirts of Santa Ana, the country's second largest city. The village has thirteen family houses and a youth house, as well as a kindergarten. Vocational training opportunities are provided in various workshops and the village's own coffee plantation and farm. Schools and medical facilities are available nearby.

SOS Children


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