Lake Glenville NC

A visit to the mountains of Western North Carolina isn’t complete without some time on the water. The good news is your luxury cabin is close to one of the area’s best lakes. Just 8 miles from Cashiers NC is Lake Glenville, a reservoir created in 1941 by damming the west fort of the Tuckasegee River.

Lake Glenville was originally formed by Nantahala Power and Light, at that time a division of ALCOA. During World War II, ALCOA needed more electricity to make aluminum for the war so it created the reservoir for it hydroelectric dam. The newly formed lake flooded and destroyed Glenville’s schools, homes, business and farms.

The new reservoir was originally named Thorpe Reservoir for J. E. S. Thorpe, Nantahala Power’s first president. You might find that name still listed on some maps since it was only renamed to Lake Glenville in 2002.

The lake has 26 miles of shoreline and the bottom plunges steeply. Just a short distance from the shore, depths can reach up to 80 feet. It’s the highest man-made lake (reaching almost 3,500 feet in elevation) east of the Mississippi River.

Glenville itself is an unincorporated area within Jackson County. It’s popular vacation community thanks to its proximity to Cashiers and the beauty of the lake. The lake is teaming with bass and hosts a number of bass fishing tournaments. The lake is also becoming known for its walleye fishing and is home to smallmouth bass, trout, crappie, largemouth bass and bream.

Lake Glenville is also the perfect spot for boating, swimming or simply relaxing along the 26 miles of shoreline. Check out our Lake Glenville NC Luxury Cabin Rentals and Area Info page for information on a local marina or stable for a leisurely tour on horseback.

We’d love to hear about your experience on Lake Glenville – whether fishing, boating or soaking up a sunset!