Hiking is a fun family activity and can provide exercise, fresh air and long lasting memories. When you decide to take on a hiking trail while on your visit to the Highlands or Cashiers area, there are some rules and guidelines that you should follow to keep yourself safe and preserve the trail for future use and others.

  1. Keep dogs on a leash – No matter how well trained your pooch may be, there are a lot of unknowns on the trails and your dog could go running off into the woods and you may not be able to get ahold of him or you someone could end up injured.
  2. Do not climb on boulders – Climbing on unstable rocks could cause them to tumble and you could end up seriously injured so it’s best to stay off boulders, no matter how stable they seem.
  3. No alcohol – It is illegal to carry alcohol or to be intoxicated while hiking in the Highlands and Cashiers area.
  4. Tread carefully on plants and flowers – Take it easy on the foliage so that others can enjoy their beauty.  Also, please avoid picking large amounts of flowers, it is best to take pictures of things you find beautiful.
  5. Dispose of garbage – If you bring a lunch up to a point, be sure to carry all your trash back down if there are no garbage cans available.
  6. No shortcuts – Why would you want to take a shortcut on a hike?  Enjoy your time and follow the trail so you don’t get lost or hurt.
  7. Read all signs – Be keen to all signs on the trail to make sure that you are aware of any possible danger.