North Carolina Mountain Vacation

Your luxury cabin in Cashiers is booked, your mail is held and your out-of-office voicemail greeting is set … now, it’s just time to pack. When sorting through your closet, think about two things: the weather and your vacation plans.

Because it’s a North Carolina mountain town, Cashiers won’t be sweltering in summer. The average daily temperature in July is just 78 degrees. If you’re coming from the humid South or the warm West, that sounds like a little slice of summertime heaven. It also means the evenings and mornings can be a bit cool so pack a light jacket.

Cashiers also receives a fair amount of rain so don’t forget a raincoat or umbrella and a pair of shoes suitable for wet weather.

Next, pack to accommodate your activities.

  • Water: There’s a good chance you’ll be on or near the water. Our cabins have private docks for fishing, swimming or canoeing so pack your swimsuit and water shoes.
  • Hiking: If a hike is on your activity list, you’ll want good hiking boots or shoes and a backpack you can equip with water, snacks and small first aid kit. Shoe tip: don’t break in a pair of hiking boots on a 10-mile hike. If you’re investing in some new shoes, wear them around the house for several days in advance so they’re more comfortable for walking a long distance. Nothing ruins a mountain hike like blisters.
  • Meals: Our cabins have full kitchens, outfitted with dishes, cookware and a coffee maker but you’ll need to pack your own food, beverages and snacks. The cabins do have gas grills so plan to cook up the fish you caught in the lake.
  • Dinner Out: You might want to venture out for a romantic dinner one evening so pack a pair of slacks or a sundress and sweater for a night out.

Don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen. Even though the mountains feel cool and shaded, you don’t want to spoil your trip with a sunburn. Most certainly pack your camera along with the charger and an extra memory card. We guarantee you’ll be taking lots of photos of the mountain scenery for your family scrapbook and Facebook page.

Our cabins have wireless Internet and satellite TV but we highly recommend leaving the laptop at home. The email can wait while you relax on the dock, visit one of the many area waterfalls or do some shopping in the local boutiques.

Lastly, don’t forget you book or e-reader because you’ll definitely want to relax with a good book in the hammock. And if that leads to a nap, then all the better.