Cashiers, NC is home to beautiful rivers, streams and canals. Perfect for rafting, canoeing and kayaking. You can bring your own vessel or you can stay at Red Canoe and have access to our private dock and canoe.

If you have interest in white water rafting or kayaking, we have compiled a list of things that you should pack along with you to ensure a fun, safe and memorable trip.

  • Life Jackets – No matter how strong of a swimmer you are, you need to wear a life jacket.  There are jagged rocks and edges along the water line and under water that you can hit your head on and knock yourself unconscious and a life preserver could save your life.  Everyone on your trip needs to wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket that fits them properly.  This includes adults and dogs.
  •  Cell Phone – It is easy to get lost or get in over your head (no pun intended) while navigating the rivers and streams of Cashiers, NC so its important to bring a fully charged cell phone.  Buy a dry bag from a marine store to keep it dry in your raft or kayak. If you don’t have a dry bag, a Ziplock bag will do just fine.
  • Flashlight If it gets late and dark, you might have to abandon ship and get out and walk, you need to be prepared for the woods at night.
  • First Aid Kits – Cuts and scrapes happen while rafting and kayaking in Cashiers, NC, so a first aid kit is a great thing to keep handy while you’re out on the water to keep cuts and scrapes clean and dry.
  • Sunblock – Nobody wants sunburn! Slather some on before you hit the water and while you’re out there to avoid a nasty sunburn that could ruin the rest of your trip.

After a long day on the water, its always comforting to have a nice place to come home to so contact me to stay in one of my luxury lakefront cabins in Cashiers, NC this spring or summer.